AB-VAS is a boutique investment company that goes the extra mile for its portfolio companies by providing value-added services as well as capital contribution. Our founding partners began their careers in real estate investment and development, and over the last several years have expanded their reach and professional commitment to other fields. Today, AB-VAS primarily invests in high-tech startups in their seed stage, particularly those dealing with five key areas: IOT, AI, cybersecurity, social impact, and real estate. Above all else, we are committed to delivering outstanding services that can truly help startups tackle their greatest challenges and achieve their near and long-term goals.

Our Approach

Venture Capital is all about the power law: one or two companies typically return an entire fund and more. The best entrepreneurs run the best startups, and eventually achieve the greatest outcomes.

AB-VAS knows this, and has therefore worked to build a brand which not only offers favorable deal terms and funds, but also an assortment of services that appeal to those desired entrepreneurs and companies. By attracting the best, we know we will see a high return on our investment, and assure the success of our portfolio companies long term.


We literally go the extra mile for our portfolio companies by providing localized business development services in our clients' target markets.
We identify local experts who know their home markets best, and can help us achieve the most optimal business approach for our clients.
Our "local first" methodology and networking has proven itself to be a real advantage for our portfolio companies,
bolstered by additional value-added services that help them get ahead of the pack.

What We Do


In addition to providing the capital that our portfolio companies require to take their business to the next level, we help tackle the greatest startup challenges like business development, talent recruitment, beta or pilot testing at the most optimal sites and many more.


AB-VAS works with dedicated private funders and investors to provide capital to a carefully selected group of startups and entrepreneurs. After selecting the companies that we deem to have high gross potential, we work with them to help allocate our invested funds to areas that need particular work - marketing, HR, development, etc. - while also allowing them to maintain discretionary funding for various operational needs.


A typical startup initially allocates 99% of its resources in product development... but it is very important not to neglect a deep and thorough understanding of its target markets. That's where AB-VAS comes in. We can be your person on the ground and build an in-depth market research report on your target market that addresses your specific company's needs. We can help startups understand their target markets like no other in terms of:

Market size and potential
Understanding the buyer persona
Market trends
Competitive analysis research
Product pricing research
Marketing and penetration strategy


There is an age old saying that "people are everything", and this is especially true for a startup. It is vital for them to find the right people, to surround themselves with the right advisors, KOLs-Key Opinion Leaders, pilot participants, and professional service providers. This could be the difference between success and failure. We can connect you with top talent wherever they may be.