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The Movement Culture Project and documentary series was borne out of the author’s curiosity and desire to find out more about what drives movement habits and traditions. We know that environment and culture are key influences on the way we behave, and this documentary series is focused on delving deeper to discover how movement is expressed and facilitated in different parts of the world. It is clear that the modern way of living has inhibited some of the movement variability that was acquired by people based on the need to feed themselves, defend themselves and build things in
years, centuries, and millennia past. Traditional martial arts perhaps still best express this raw and original movement variability and the primal drive to move, which is why each documentary will focus on at least one traditional martial art as that has been maintained in the selected environment as part of its movement culture. What we have also found is that traditional forms of movement have been used to transcend the social and racial divide to unite people and neighborhoods in major cities and countries as a whole.



Every story requires a purpose and while the Movement Culture Project is past its first step, the purpose behind it is to facilitate movement across generations and social groups on every continent. The story started in Rio de Janeiro, and what the viewer will see is little in the form of narration, but rather ordinary people doing extraordinary things simply by practicing their craft, which is a different form of movement in each specific case. What unites all of the actors in the documentary series is that
they are all teachers in one form or another and are working hard at spreading their knowledge and enthusiasm about movement, whether they are active in doing so or just leasing by example and habit. All we are asking is for you to take a look at our work, share it in any format or through any channel, and become part of the project in one form or another, either by sharing our work or donating to our cause. Check out the intro video below to find out more.

Move well, move often.

Rio Movement Culture

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